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New Studio and a Fire Session!

I finally finished my studio in the basement thanks mainly to my husband, Matt. Once he found out I wanted to pursue my love for Boudoir Photography and needed a studio space, he got an idea. At first we used the office and my room for the scenes and it worked. I had some killer shoots to build my portfolio! I will be making their blogs soon!

With Covid on the rise again, and having a toddler, I wanted to separate my work space from my home space and so therefore we decided to use the basement as my studio.

My husband is incredibly crafty too, by the way. He designed a faux window that looks fantastic! He painted the walls, installed the furniture and is just so supportive and I am so happy!

My friend Ashley is also a main component in my business. She not only helps to do the professional makeup and hair (WHICH IS ALWAYS AMAZING) She has also lent me furniture until I get my own, AND has a keen eye on things I might need for the studio. She sends me so many amazing listings that I can't let up on!

Without these two, I would NOT have gotten as far as I have! <3 I love you both!

Now for my fire session!

I was able to get one of my close friends in and I hadn't seen her since last May. Covid. Sucks. But she has a toddler that was born about a week before mine and we always wanted to get our kids to play together, (we will find a time, girl!) and so her opting to be a boudoir model for me was exciting! I missed hanging out with her and during our session we got to catch up and I loved it. I needed it.

Our playlist included songs by Missio, Dennis Lloyd, Two Feet, Glass Animals, Marion Hill and more. The deep bass got both of us in the mood and got her to relax and have fun. Ashley gave her some loose curls and a moody look which made her green eyes POP!

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