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out of state bombshell

My friend Samantha and I met nearly 20 years ago, back when yahoo groups were a thing! We connected over dial up and the ethernet era over books, tv, and pop culture.

I was so excited when we talked & she said she wanted to do a session. In the recent months, she has helped grow my business in so many positive ways. She is definitely my rock on social media marketing! ❤️

On a beautiful Sunday at the beginning of this month, she packed her theme sets & drove 5.5 hours away across states for a session 🥰🥰🥰 and to finally meet in real Life.

2022 at The Fontaine roof top pool

She had some 👌🏻 awesome ideas to help expand my portfolio. We started at my studio and got a before photo so she could see the transformation of self expression, empowerment and daring beauty. We chose to go with neutral hair & Makeup and started out. The lighting was moody & perfect. She chose to start with a classic black two piece with stockings + garter set & her glasses that she wore completed the look!


And then after some poses to get warmed up, we shifted to a candy set! 🍭🍬 😍 The colors were bright blue with cherries & 90’s Odango space buns proved worth it! We had so much fun joking around, laughing, & collecting over our past.

After a few more 🍭🍬 sets, we parted for a few hours. It was my daughters nap time & she and her daughter needed to head to their hotel; The Fontaine on the Plaza!


I headed over around five and we did a hotel set - which, this was my first client who wanted to do a hotel room, made the most beautiful yet simplistic imagery that I felt so excited to share!

The room had a chaste lounge & the cutest Victorian chair in the corner by the sheer curtains.

Her strawberry blonde hair paired with her emerald set was 🤩🤩🤩 a BOMBSHELL!

She just looked so extraordinary & confident.

After that, she chose a risque black piece that accentuated her tushie cheeks! She looked amazing in everything she wore!


After we were done with that, we shifted to a water set & went up to the the roof top, where the pool with a glass railing was. the little pool was super mellow but compact in space. We had to shoot inbetween swimmers and loungers, but it was ok. we got some action shots & lounge shots. thrn then, of course, we ended the day for dinner & hang out time!


The next morning before she had to head home, we got to meet up again to finish some shower shots & check out the crepes in brookside. I love that tiny little piece of Paris.

The shower scene proved difficult as the lighting wasn’t very lit & the shower steamed up fast! I see why a faux shower scene is definitely easier to work with!


- Post Interview -

coming soon…


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It was so much fun and I can’t wait to get together again soon. Thanks for making me look gorgeous and giving me a much needed confidence boost.

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