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You Deserve A Legacy

why are legacies so expensive though? we put in so much time and passion into our work to make sure you not only feel incredible before, during  and after your session, but to remind you of that with your purchased items years later. You can flip through your album or stare at that metallic print and reminisce about our time together.

The legacy is to remind you how sexy you could be with my posing guidance and how gorgeous you are. I walk you through each pose, which is sometimes funny to watch, by the way. I keep in mind your insecurities and what you love most about your body. I spend hours and hours editing the images, removing bruising, discoloration, scratches of the skin.

Boudoir photography is like a portrait from a professional painter, like Da Vinci, Monet, Van Gogh, or Michaelangio. You must be a master. It isn't a paint-by-number.

Each client is treated like a queen that they are. I usually have moms, teachers, wives, hard working women that never get a day to themselves, until their session. we pamper you. we get to know you. we have fun!

What do You Offer?

I offer collections and A La Carte items. I now offer just a digital collection as well. having said that....

Printing photographs is a big part of the experience I offer. It’s an important way to keep and share your memories. I want you to be able to see and display professional-quality prints through your home so you can remember this time, not see it on a screen for a little while and forget. Your session fee is also your print credit. Your print credit can also be used toward cards or gifts as well.

So How Does This Work?

We set up a time to go over the collections and Al La Carte items. We determine which collection or Al La Carte items are right for you and what the total cost will be. I can also communicate via text & email. Pending on which items you choose, I personally build an estimate to meet your needs! 

 After that, we start the payment process.

There are a few options to paying. We accept cash & debit/credit cards from all major companies. Also if you opt in for a pre-pay plan, you qualify for not only bonuses, but freebies as well! (The list is HUGE)


 by pre-paying, you unlock so many new things! Check out the Freebies Button to take a look! 


"I've never felt so beautiful before today." - Tiffany

"The metal prints are gorgeous. I instantly hung it in our room so my husband could stare at it each morning and remember how lucky he was, lol." - Nicole

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