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Ready to get empowered?

Are you ready to make your investment?  

Here are the steps for booking! <3

1. **Initial Inquiry:**

   - You reach out to me through email, phone, or another preferred method of contact.

2. **Pre-Session Consultation Request:**

   - In response to the inquiry, we will schedule a pre-session consultation. This consultation can take place over the phone, via video call, or in person, depending on your and my preferences.


3. **Confirmation and Information:**

   - I will then confirm the pre-session consultation date and time with you. I will provide any necessary information, such as what you should prepare, what to expect during the consultation, and any forms or documents you should have ready.


4. **Pre-Session Consultation:**

   - Conduct the pre-session consultation, either in person or remotely, to discuss the following:

     - Your goals and vision for the session.

     - Type of session (themed, mini-session, indoor, outdoor, etc.).

     - Preferred location, date, and time.

     - Any special requests or themes.

     - My pricing structure and available packages.

     - Availability on your preferred date.


5. **Session Agreement and Contract:**

   - If you decide to move forward, I will provide you with a session agreement or contract outlining the terms, including the agreed-upon date, location, pricing, and services provided. I will then ensure you understand and agree to the terms.


6. **Deposit and Payment:**

   - We will discuss payment options – all payments must be fulfilled prior to your session date. My deposit session fee to secure your date and time is 500. We will go over all accepted forms of payment including paypal credit, Klarna, pre-payment plans, etc.


7. **Preparation Guidance:**

   - I will offer guidance on what you should do to prepare for the session. This may include outfit suggestions, makeup and hair recommendations, and any props or accessories you should bring.


8. **Final Session Details:**

   - As the session date approaches, I will confirm all the details, including the meeting location and time. I will address any last-minute questions or concerns you may have.


9. **The Session:**

   - I will conduct the photography session according to the agreed-upon plan.  I will ensure that you feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the process.


10. **Image Selection and Editing:**

    - After the session, I will provide you with access to the images for review and selection. I will use an online gallery or in-person viewing, depending on availability. Once you have made your selections, I will begin the final editing and retouching process.


11. **Delivery of Final Images:**

    - I then deliver the edited and retouched images to you according to the collection chosen.


12. **Feedback and Future Bookings:**

    - After you receive your images, I will request feedback on your experience. We cannot grow if we don’t learn what we didn’t do well.  I encourage you to consider booking future sessions and to refer my services to friends or family for incentives and continued empowerment.


13. **Post-Session Support:**

    - I will be available for any follow-up questions or additional print orders. I will provide excellent customer service even after the session has concluded.


14. **Reviews and Testimonials:**

    - I would like to encourage you to leave reviews and testimonials on my website or social media, as these can be valuable for attracting new clients and helping me grow!

So book your pre-session consultation call today!

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