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Kind Words

" Absolutely LOVED doing a session with Nikki!! The most beautiful I think I have ever felt in my life and now I have prints to remember the day forever! Will definitely be doing another in the future!!" - Jordan

"You were very professional, fun, and really know how to lighten the mood. PLUS, you have such an amazing gift! All the photos I received were absolutely stunning, I could not have imagined anything better! 10/10 would recommend EVERYONE should book with you!!!!" - Dani

"My biggest fear was not looking beautiful because of my weight. But that was not the case. I felt beautiful." - Caitlin

"I actually have recommended you to a few friends and I’ve told them you made me feel comfortable and it was so much fun and the end result of the pictures made me feel beautiful and sexy!" - Nicki

"Just do it. Don’t wait until you lose that 10 pounds or whatever goal you have. It’s so empowering and every woman (or man!) deserves to feel confident & sexy. You’ll fall in love with yourself." - Tiffany

"If you want easy and fun photos in a timely manner, I would suggest Nicole. Shes personable, caring and super professional." - jena

"She can calm anyone's nerves and make you feel great" - candice

"Do it! It’s so worth it to see yourself from someone else’s point of view and have confidence again! You won’t regret it because Nikki makes everyone I’ve seen so far look amazing." - Samantha

"This is a such a great way to make yourself feel beautiful. Nikki is amazing and she is very talented, love you !" - Emilee

"I have modeled for Nikki multiple times. I have always felt comfortable and beautiful in front of her camera. She makes the sessions so much fun and never asks you to anything that you are not comfortable with. She is an amazing photographer and has even been published in magazines. I’d recommend her to anyone!" - Ashley

"this was the most fun!! Nicole made me feel so comfortable. what a fun and wonderful way to feel beautiful! no regrets whatsoever." - Chandra

"I have know Nikki for years. i was so nervous about signing up for a session, went back and forth for several months and then I decided to do it. BEST DECISION EVER! I had so much fun and was so comfortable. Thank you Nikki!!" - Amanda

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