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Contact Deets

Hey there darling,

My name is Nicole! I decided during Covid to become a boudoir photographer, but in a vast world of boudoir photographers, how the hell was I going to compete? 

In Kansas City, there are SO many amazing photographers, so many, that I wanted to be like. Their style, their confidence,  and their elegance. That was why I wanted to become one. I wanted to be like them. I wanted to share their vision of body positivity. 

It's okay f you are male, female, cisgender, trans, or still trying to figure yourself out. It okay  to me.

In fact, I would LOVE to photograph you.


If this is going to help you feel confident in who you want to be, then hell yeah! I want to help you! You are beautiful. You are handsome. 

I wanted to be a part of that world. I wanted to bring positivity to your body because you should own your size, whether it be a 0 or a 32! 

Everyone deserves to feel sexy. Confident. Beautiful. I want to give that to you. 

Because you. Deserve. It. Especially after this past year! Good bye 2020! hello 2021! and hello, you!

So why should you give me a chance? Why am I any different? Why am I special?

A leap of faith. My passion. My personality. My skills. 

I can offer you the option of light and airy OR dark and moody.

I will give you an in person reveal, just you and me, and maybe a cup of tea or coffee - which ever you prefer - and we can go through your gallery, what your favorite image would look like as a metal art, or as a canvas, and what your album would look like. 

I'll also offer payment plans because hey, I get it. 

More reasons? I'm nerdy, geeky, sweet, kind, a mom, and I already love you and I can't wait to show you how beautiful you truly are.

So are you ready? I am. 

Nicole Maxwell

Text: 816-665-5793

Email: hello@mydarlingboudoirkc.com

Studio: 11940 Manchester Ave, Grandview MO 64030

Servicing the Greater Kansas City Metro since 2020