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Will 2023 be the year you invest in yourself?

Tax season is coming up and that means extra income! When was the last time that you invested in yourself? Used your earnings on YOU?

I know I haven't lately! I'm 29 weeks pregnant, I have a beautiful daughter that's three, & an incredible husband that dotes on me as a husband should. <3

But where do I spend my earnings? Who do I spend them on?

Typically, my family.

But recently, I decided to invest first in myself. I try and get a boudoir session from a local photographer in my area to have the experience that my client would have with me. Each investment its a milestone in my empowerment, beauty, self-love & self-confidence. I know after each session, I strut around the public demanding attention! Look at me! Look how SEXY I am!

I know it is hard to invest such a large amount when you have so many things you have to pay - bills, school, utilities, gas, mortgage, you know what I mean.

Because of that, I offer so many options to pay for your session!


- Payment plans - weekly, bi-weekly, monthly installments - I want the payments to be affordable! Typically my clients schedule up to one year in advance to have affordable payments!

- PayPal Credit - Get instantly approved!

- Klarna - Ability to pay in full at the beginning & making monthly payments towards Klarna (Similar to Afterpay, Affirm, etc)

- Pay in full

So, ready to invest in yourself?

Book your consultation today & secure your spot with just 250!


Kind Words


Nikki Maxwell

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