Where Can I find Lingerie?

I am so glad you decided to have a session with me! Now you are wondering, "I want something specific, but where do I order it?"

I have compiled a list of places that you can find things that are inexpensive. I have links for ladies that are curvy and ladies that are not. Take a look!

For The Curvy & Plus Size

A great InStyle article about the best different types to wear! <3

  • https://thundathighs.com - thigh highs that won't roll down your thighs? uh... YES PLEASE!

  • https://thecurvyfashionista.com/

  • https://yandy.com

  • https://lovehoney.com

  • https://adoreme.com

  • https://hipsandcurves.com

  • https://www.barenecessities.com/

  • https://lanebryant.com

  • https://torrid.com

  • https://foxylingerie.com

For The Inexpensive

  • http://shein.com

  • https://amazon.com

  • http://lightinthebox.com

  • http://ebay.com

  • http://wish.com

  • http://fashionnova.com

For The Small & Petite

  • http://fredericks.com

  • http://yandy.com

  • http://adoreme.com

  • http://thelittlebracompany.com

  • http://petitecherry.com

  • http://savagex.com

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