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What not to bring to your boudoir session

There are a few things that you should not bring to your boudoir session, especially if you didn't ask beforehand. I'm not talking about sex toys or fireworks (For sanitary reasons & well, it's an indoor studio so... No.)

Your partner -

Unless it is a couples session - Because they can try and take control of the session, make you try poses or wear outfits you may not want to try or wear, this is a no-no. The session needs to be about you & just you. You shouldn't need to worry about anyone else during your session.

Tight outfits -

Only wear outfits that you comfortably fit in. Too tight of clothing will create marks on your skin & also make your skin press out which won't look flattering on you.

Children -

I don't care what age they are, they are not allowed. I don't want to be held reliable for anything they may do. Small children can be distracting as well, which will affect the time you have for your session.

Group of friends -

I don't have space for them & sometimes it's hard to be yourself when people are watching your every move.

Negativity -

Leave that negativity at your house because babe, I'm going to make you see that it's not true! You have nothing to worry about because I will make you look extraordinary & beautiful!

If you are unsure if there is something that you can bring or can't bring, just ask & I can let you know!



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