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Wardrobe Guide

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

Don't want to wear lingerie or want to add something different to your boudoir session?

Check out these other alternatives!


corsets are super sexy and there are so many different types to choose from! When you order one, make sure you choose one made specifically for you or it can come in too small or too big or just won't fit right!

partner's shirt

Something that can be really sexy and cute is your partner's shirt! Especially if you are getting the album for them! They will LOVE seeing you in it!

Just a shirt

Your own shirt

No partner? That's okay. Have a favorite shirt, then let's use it! Shirts that hang off your breasts look super sexy at every angle!


Another popular option is a military shirt, either yours or your significant other's. It really brings in a pin up girl vibe!

oversized sweater

Another sexy option is the oversized sweater. It gives the viewer that illusion of mystery for what is underneath. Are you wearing panties? No one knows!

sports jersey

What can get sexier than a sports jersey?! (Go Kansas City Chiefs!) It shows you as feminine sporty kind of sexy. Who loves a girl that can talk with them about their favorite sport?


Jewelry can redefine a photo. If you look at the photo above and imagine it without those pearls, it just wouldn't look right! Those pearls give it an extra sexiness that otherwise wouldn't be present. Whether it is a necklace, your wedding ring or a diamond bracelet, giving it a little bit of focus and highlight can illuminate an otherwise normal photo!


Adding a prop, such as a weapon, musical instrument, cosplay choices can make boudoir sexy but also different and fun!

Let's get together! Book today for 250 down!

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