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Session Prep & Time Line

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

The week before your boudoir session is a time for preparing. I want your session to go smoothly and you look your best on shoot day! I have created a list to guide you through your preparation and a timeline to make sure you're prepared and arrive to your shoot stress-free!

10 Days before:

If you’re feeling nervous at all, try to calm those fears! Nerves are totally normal and mostly disappear by the time we get a few minutes into your session! However, even if you are nervous I can ensure that you will have an amazing experience! I feel confident telling you that because I've told dozens of women the same thing. We'll take care of you from: hair and make up, a second (and third) opinion on what you should wear and posing you so meticulously that we'll even tell you how to breathe. Girl, we've got you!! Since we do all the hard work, you just get to ENJOY; these sessions are so simple, full of laughter and excitement!

Here are some tips and tricks for you to begin prepping for your session:

Make sure any outstanding payments are completed!

Increase you water intake! Try to drink extra water all the way leading up to your shoot, it is AMAZING for your skin and will allow you to shine bright like a diamond! :)

Lower your salt intake & avoid alcohol if you're concerned about water weight!

Stay out of the sun, or wear lots of sunscreen (Please DO NOT spray tan! It does not translate well on camera!)

Make sure your eyebrows are groomed.

Make plans to shape and buff your nails, or set an appointment get a manicure. (less than $5 at a drug store to buy a file and buffer)

Begin to use lotion regularly or more frequently

Add ALL your female friends to our Facebook Group! I'm not joking, they will FLIP when they sneak a peek, if you’re up for me sharing, and the way this makes you feel is incredible Allow yourself to revel in feeling beautiful!

Start STRETCHING before bed! I'm going to put you in bendy poses, and they're easier to achieve if you're properly stretched!

3 days before:

* If you wax, do so ASAP to avoid any bumpiness or redness.

* Make sure your eyebrows are groomed.

* Shape and buff your nails, or get a manicure (less then $5 at a drug store to buy a file and buffer).

* Keep drinking plenty of water, this does amazing things to your skin!

* Try on your outfits and lingerie to make sure they fit properly; remove all tags and labels.

* Steam or iron your items and hang them properly so they keep their shape as you travel to the studio.

* Begin to use lotion regularly or more frequently.

On the day of your shoot, do these things for best results:

* Wear loose fitting clothing that won't leave imprints on your body.

* Bring the stuff you want to wear, I'll have some stuff with me as well!

* Bring at least 1 set of white or black, can go with anything bra and undies.

* Remember jewelry, accessories and shoes!

Night before:

* Drink plenty of water and eat a meal before arriving (Remember: not eating will not make you look more thin in photos).

* Please arrive with a clean, moisturized face.

* If you’re having your hair styled please arrive with clean fully dried hair.

* Don’t forget your outfits, undergarments, props, accessories, shoes etc.

* Bring at least 1 set of white or black, can go with anything bra and undies.

* Wear loose fitting clothing that won't leave imprints on your body.

* Show up PROMPTLY at your shoot time (or up to 10 minutes early)

Get ready for fun!!


Waxing: If you are planning to wax for your session, please be sure to leave 3-5 days for you to heal before the session.

Shaving: Shaving can be done the night prior to the shoot, avoid shaving several days prior to the session to keep your skin smooth and not irritated. Consider products designed to help minimize razor burn if that is often an issue for you. Shaving the night before the shoot or the day of can help avoid this.

Tanning: Spray tanning should be avoided within a week of the session. If you want to have a faux glow, please have it done at least one week prior to the shoot at a professional salon and do so in the nude. You want to avoid creating tan lines that can show up when you’re not wearing a lot of clothing.

Sunburns: Stay out of the sun for the week prior to your shoot! Day to day exposure is fine, but avoid long hours in the sunlight to avoid sunburns. Photoshop can do amazing things, but sunburns will have a negative impact on your shooting experience, and will likely be present in your final images. It will be significantly more expensive to have to remove sunburns during retouching. Be sure to wear sunscreen when you know you're going to be in the sun!

Stay hydrated! Drink plenty of water for the week prior to the shoot. This will keep you hydrated and help keep your skin glowing and smooth.

Skip the alcohol. Avoid partying or drinking the day before your shoot, as alcohol depletes the skin of vital nutrients and can have it looking dehydrated and dull, even in small doses. This goes hand in hand with the last bullet point on hydration.

Don’t get a new tattoo right before your session. If you want to have a new tattoo for your boudoir experience, be sure to get it done well in advance to allow healing time. You don’t want to be sticking to sheets or having any pain during your session. Having to constantly alter poses and outfits to account for this can result in less images from your session and an overall less enjoyable experience.


Use gentle cleansers.

Skip heavily scented, super scrubby or foaming cleansers that are full of harsh chemicals. Exfoliating scrubs a can scratch the skinʼs surface and exacerbate oiliness, and chemical foaming agents can strip the skin of essential natural moisture and create flakiness. The drier the skin’s surface, the more prone your skin will be to break out from dry skin getting trapped in your pores.

Gentle creamy cleansers melt away makeup, protecting the skins vital fatty lipid layer, and prevent the skin from being overstimulated to produce oil.

Skip getting a facial. As we've already discussed, harsh chemicals can dry out your skin. This week you want to treat your skin with kid gloves, and undergoing any chemical treatments or using too active of a skincare regimen may stimulate the skin to break out or even cause an allergic reaction.

Moisturize. Get in the habit of using moisturizers and eye creams leading up to your shoot to have your skin looking hydrated and healthy.

Use lip balm. Dry and cracked lips are not ideal for your boudoir session. Make sure to regularly use lip balm and avoid smoking the day before your shoot. A gentle lip scrub can help remedy already dry lips, but you want to avoid dryness if at all possible.


Clean up the eyebrows. If you want to have your eyebrows waxed or threaded, be sure to schedule the appointment for at least a few days before your boudoir session. Otherwise, an eyebrow trim/touch up at home could be done a day or two before the shoot. Don’t try anything new here, you don’t want a small mistake to be documented and be feeling self-conscious. .

Factor in time. If you want to make a change to your hair (dying, cut, etc.), schedule it at least one week prior to your shoot. You want to avoid any risk of mistakes happening because you got your hair dyed the day before the shoot.


Manicure. You want your nails to look their best. A manicure can help achieve this, but is not required. You just want them to be trimmed and neat for your session. You can stick with neatly shaped, clear nails. Soft, neutral colors work well for fingertips. Toes can get away with any color. Think about the outfits you’re bringing and be sure to choose a color that will compliment your choices.

Clean your ring. If you're wearing a wedding ring, make sure it looks its best. You'll definitely want to be showing it off in your session.

Using a toothbrush and toothpaste is a great day-to-day way to clean your bling, but most professional jewelers have sonic cleaners that make it sparkle like the day it was born. Many will even clean your ring for free. Especially if you return to the jeweler from where you bought it.

If it’s been a long time since your last professional cleaning, take the ring in right away. If there are any loose stones in your setting, they may get shaken loose, so it’s a good idea to allow a few days in case the jeweler needs to re-set anything.

specifics from black tie weddings and events

See you soon!

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