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Reasons why you shouldn't have a session and why that is a LIE!

Look, I get it. You may think to yourself, I'm not pretty enough. or, I'm not sexy enough. I'm too old. I'm not skinny enough. etc. these are all LIES!!!!

Today I am going to talk about the top reasons why women talk themselves out of having a boudoir session and why you need to STOP!!!

I have to get in shape first

No! stop! The whole point of boudoir photography is to love yourself through boudoir! It's about changing the way you see yourself, and not changing your body to fit a standard! With that being said, you don't need to "lose 6 lbs" before you have a session. Boudoir is the journey to self-love, body positivity, and growth. It is meant to boost your confidence and help you redefine how you see yourself. My clients are moms, sisters, grandmothers, teachers, nurses, plus size, petite size, tall and short.

I don't know how to look sexy!

That is so okay! I do the poses for you (which are hilarious by the way!) And I describe them in such funny ways that it makes the pose seamlessly easy that you realize you had it in you the entire time! With my guidance, I will ensure every pose is perfect and you will look amazing from head to toe!

I'm too old!

Nonsense! Boudoir is for every age above 18. Go google these models and then tell me you are too old!!! Age has nothing to do with your inner beauty. I can prove to you how gorgeous you still are. Your age is just a silly number! It's more like your level of amazingness <3

Here are nine of the world's oldest models! Aren't they just gorgeous? Look at that confidence!

  • Veruschka von Lehndorff. Age: 78. ...

  • Wang Deshun. Age: 81. ...

  • Jenni Rhodes. Age: 86. ...

  • Carmen Dell'Orefice. Age: 86. ...

  • China Machado. Age: 86. ...

  • Daphne Selfe. Age: 88. Country: England. ...

  • Baddie Winkle. Age: 89. Country: America. ...

  • Majorie Gilbert. Age: 101. Country: England.

I don't have anything to wear

That is okay. I can help out with this one. My client Closet is growing every week with items from s-xxxl. The items range from 2 pieces to 1 pieces. Baby doll, to bodysuits, corsets, teddies, costumes, body stockings, and more! You can also just wear an oversized shirt, your partner's button up shirt, or even pajamas! Everyone wears bra and undies - wear that! I can make you look stellar in anything!

Session is too expensive

A boudoir session is a luxury experience and our prices reflect that. However, I do want every woman out there to be able to have this amazing experience and investment in themselves. That is why I offer multiple payment options, including pre-payment plans. Most clients schedule 6-12 months in advance and pay towards it! It's so easy and stress free. Plus when you pre-pay, you unlock exclusive offers not available to my other clients! WHAT!

I have no idea how to do my hair and make up!

Well, you don't need to! Unless I graduated high school, I didn't either. It wasn't until after college that I learned how to really dig into the technique of contouring and highlighting myself! With every session, both the Full Experience and Limited Edition Minis, starts out with one hour of professionally done hair and makeup. With that being said, before your session, I have you correspond with my HMUA via email about what you want your hair to look like and your makeup, specifically your eyes. If you have nothing specific in mind, curls and a natural smokey look is typically done, which is still a bombshell look in my opinion! You can never go wrong with either! Plus, after your session, you look gorgeous and you're pampered for the rest of the day! Score!

Ready for your session?

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