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Maternity Model Call for pregnant people

Attention all mamas, pregnant people or friends that want to gift a mama, or themselves something special - to see the beauty of your body as you hold a life within. (I did it & I loved it.)

I am wanting to specialize in maternity boudoir. I want to care for women with their belly bump at any stage of their pregnancy & document it for them to recall. I have two children & I didn't do it with my first & I regret it so much. When I did it with my 2nd, I was bummed to not have done it every month!

I am doing a model call for pregnant people. Session fee of only 200 to book the location & then the magic starts!

I am wanting to explore concentrating on solely maternity boudoir and need to build my portfolio. I noticed there aren't many businesses out there that specialize in maternity, especially maternity boudoir. I want to be that exclusive photographer in the Kansas City area that does!

For signing a full model release, I am doing something unheard of ---Their ENTIRE DIGITAL COLLECTION AT NO COST.

Share with any darling ready to see how gorgeous they are with the life within them!

Are you ready? Let's do it!

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