Lingerie Guide

Lingerie guide

There are many different types of lingerie to choose from that look great on all body types, and also on specific body types. This guide will help you choose what will look great for you, and where you can buy your own great pieces from as well!

Don't worry though, I also have a Client Closet with over 100 different pieces from XS-5XL for all different body types! I will soon have a gallery for you to preview them but until then, let's talk about prepping.


Make sure you remember to cut the tags off of your pieces before your session. I am usually pretty good about catching them, but sometimes in difficult situations, against a dark tattoo for instance, removing it post editing, can be difficult!


Pick out several different options to bring with you, or choose when you get here. We can see which one looks best for which scene and what looks great with your hair and make-up selection! You can choose up to four for your full experience session!

don't be afraid to go bold

Lingerie doesn't have to be the basic white, black, and red! If you love color, go for it. Want a lime green piece, DO IT! want to mix and match, I LOVE IT! Be you and embrace you. I love color! One of my personal favorite colors is mustard yellow! Color can add energy and personality to your session!

choose what you are comfortable in

If you aren't comfortable in a string piece, don't choose it. That will reflect in your session and in your photos. If you want to wear a long over size shirt for your session, that is totally okay (and sexy!)


Do you want to add props? Let's do it. Are you into BDSM but embarrassed? Don't be. I love it! I have props for that, or you can bring your own! This session is about YOU and empowering YOU! Bring things that you are comfortable with or really want to be a part of your session, whether it be a guitar, a 9mm, a whip or roller skates. I can find a way to add it into our session!


Grab a pair of high heels and stockings if you have them because girl, they always look sexy! Not only do heels help define your calves and thighs, but they also give dimension to the entire piece!

types of lingerie

lingerie sets







corsets & bustiers

garters and garter belts

body stockings



What's your favorite?

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