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Dudeoir? What is that?

Dudeoir, or male boudoir is something that exists and is becoming more common than not. It is derivative of Boudoir - which involves women dressing up in lingerie & posing in a bedroom atmosphere.

Dudeoir has been around for years, but still isn't as prominent as boudoir & I want to change that.

The stigma that indicates men can't feel insecure about themselves & have a session to gain confidence is not cool.

Even guys deserve to feel empowered, sexy, & confident. The images don't HAVE to be silly or a parody of what boudoir images look like. These are raw, masculine & personal.

Do you have a special someone you feel deserves to feel sexy, empowered, masculine & confident

I offer these types of sessions & if my studio is too feminine, we can work off-location just as easily!


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