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Boudoir wall print decor - Why it's a must-have!

Boudoir wall print decor - Why it's a must-have!

So your boudoir session is done, now what? Of course, you could post them online or give some to your significant other. You can even look at the downloads a few days after receiving them. I personally have had a few sessions done and have only looked at the digitals once or twice.

But have you considered wall prints?

It's the perfect way to see your art up on the wall each day. Not just that, but these can serve as daily affirmations of your strength and beauty.

Metal Prints

GAME. CHANGER. I look at myself looking all sexy-like and think, "Damn, I look fantastic!" My husband thinks so as well! It sparks confidence in oneself. The metallics just accent your best features, your eyes, lips, hair, everything. I LOVE THEM!!!

A few ideas of where someone can hang these up:

● The closet wall on your significant other's side - or your own side!

● Grouped prints above your bed.

● One large picture in your master bathroom.

● A private hallway or walking space.

Pro Tip: Watch out for cheap sites advertising wall art. You want to find a professional printing lab. Plus, do you want some rando-stranger at your local pharmacy to see photos of you?

Treat yo'self!

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