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Affordable finds under $15!

Hey, you!

First & foremost, I want to advise that what I promote, is in no way affiliated with me.

I just want to share some DUPES!!!!!

First up, clay masks. A perfect way to treat skin impurities and calm inflamed skin. It works well on faces, but it can be used all over your body! A good inexpensive dupe would be the L'Oreal Pure Clay Mask, which you can find at Walmart for only $12.99!

Let's talk RAZORS!

On the go and forgot to shave your peach fuzz? That's okay. There are cheap travel razors you can buy online! Nobody has to know if you shaved your chin hairs in the car...

You can even join the Dollar Shave Club subscription and those razors are NOICE!

Want your eyes to POP?

A huge top secret to make your eyes pop and get your money's worth out of your mascara: Mascara PRIMER. Do you know those weird-looking white mascaras? Apply that directly before your black mascara. You'll thank us later.

L'Oreal also has an amazing DUPE for less than $7!

I found a sweet article by Byrdie that goes over different kinds as well!

Check it out here! --> Byrdie Mascara Primers

How are your lips? Want a soft supple feel forever? (I'm addicted to Burts Bees Lip Balm)

Have you ever tried a lip scrub? If not, you better head over to your nearest store and buy one. Soften your lips and pucker up! It'll soothe cracked and dried lips.

E.L.F. has one for $5, and L'Oreal has one for $6. Essence Coffee is $1.99 at Ulta.

Try it. You will love it!

Need face cleaner? It's always important to wash your face. Especially daily, after sweating, and especially after applying makeup! Don't let that sit on your face all night!

Garnier has a fantastic one called Garnier's Micellar Cleansing Water. It's half the price of the Bioderma and amazing!

Want more awesome DUPES? Check out this BuzzFeed Article

(The Garnier was the top pic on that one as well!)

Well, thanks again for being here!

What are your favorite finds under $15?

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