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6 Sexy things you have in your closet right now for your boudoir session!

Raise your hand if you don't have any lingerie. Before I started to shoot boudoir, I didn't either!!!

But do not let that stop you! (While I do have a large range of pieces from 5XS to 6XL) Finding something that you feel confident in is important. If you aren't into lingerie, but still want to have a session, here are some ideas of what you can use!

Oversized flannel

Flannel shirts are a great option! Not only are you warm, but wearing one with just a bra or nothing can give a sexy allure to those who see your images.

Button Up

the button-up shirt that is opened & only reveals certain aspects of your body can also be a great option. You can wear your partner's shirt or one that you may own!

Sports Jersey

your partner's sports jersey (or even your own) is a great & sexy option for your boudoir session. You can even incorporate props such as a football, or pair of cleats, a helmet, anything you'd like!


Sweaters are always a classic! Pair it with a panty set or nothing at all !


Corsets! They are sexy, and form-fitting + they show off your curves! This is always an excellent option! Pair it with a bra/panty set or nothing at all! Corsets come in all shapes!


I absolutely LOVE to cosplay & cosplaying your favorite character in a boudoir setting is a FANTASTIC OPTION!

So lets have some fun & get into the studio!

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